Thursday, 21 February 2019


List of prizes:

1. P.Chakrapani(NMCA-51), D.Venkata Ravi(NMCA-66) won 2nd prize in PPT presentation.
2. K.Spandana Bhavya, S.Prema Jyothi(NMCA-44) won 2nd prize in Poster Presentation.
3. T.Sowjanya(NMCA-50), M.Sravani(NMCA-30) won 1st prize in Recycling(Best out of waste).

4. J.Naveen Kumar(NMCA-26), G.Lakshman Kumar(NMCA-53), P.Madhu Sudhan Gupta(NMCA- 71) won 2nd prize in Technical Quiz.

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