A National seminar is an academic conference conducted by Dept of MCA in +association with SOLETE (SOCEITY FOR LEARNING TECHNOLOGIES ) at Andhra loyola college that brings together scholars, experts, researchers, professionals, and students from across a nation to discuss and exchange ideas on a particular topic or theme for a 2 Days.

These seminars can be interdisciplinary or focused on a specific field of study, and they serve as a platform for participants to present their research findings, share their experiences, and network with others in their field. it can last for one or more days, depending on the scope of the seminar.


Rev.Fr.P.Balashowry, S.J, Rector

Rev.Fr.Dr>M>Sagayaraj, S.J. ,Correspondent


Rev.Fr.Dr.G.A.P.Kishore, S.J., Principal


Rev.Fr.Dr.I.Lourduraj, S.J.,Vice-Principal


Dr.Ch.Bhargavi, Vice Principal 


Dr.R.P.L. Durga Bai Poonam, Head ,Dept of MCA 


A   Manjula Rani

R Anand Babu

S.Krishna Keerthi


national seminars play a vital role in promoting academic excellence, advancing research and innovation, and fostering collaboration and networking among scholars and professionals in different fields.

Ethnic Day 2023

 Ethnic day celebrations are events where students come together to celebrate the culture and traditions of their respective ethnic groups. These celebrations can take many forms, including music and dance performances, traditional dress displays, food festivals, and cultural exhibitions.

Ethnic day celebrations are important because they provide an opportunity for people to learn about and appreciate the diversity of different cultures. They help to promote a sense of unity and understanding between different ethnic groups, and they also serve to preserve and promote cultural heritage.


Orientation Session 2022

An orientation class is an introduction session that is mandatory for new students. It introduces them to the college and their faculty in it. They are also given information about the colleges culture, fee structure, regulations, and other in-depth information about the college.
It is important for students to attend an orientation class as it helps them get started with their learn faster and more efficiently.


SAMIKSHA was organised by Department of MCA it was an 2 Day event and this event was held every year to stimulate the organising skills of students in present day running soceity at old seminar hall.


  • SHRI  ARUN BABU PUTTA      ----     Associate General Manager HCL Technologies,Vijayawada.
  • SHRI SARAT CHANDRA THOTA   -----    MD OF Sarat Chandra I.A.S Academy (Vij&Hyd).

Students from various backgrounds such as UG and PG are performed well on subjects like Debugging, Web designing and proved themselves with their respective talents.

Day 2 has lot more fun and entertainment which includes quiz and most popular TREASURE HUNT students are floated over the event and running over the whole college to find the clues to win the game 


  • SHRI DR . N . BHARATH GUPTA  I.A.S     ------  MD of A.P State Housing Corporation  LTD


  • SHRI P .SUNEEL KUMAR REDDY             ------- A.P State IT Wing President

Winners from various competitions are honour by valedictory chief guest sri bharath gupta IAS with certificate and shield those who are participated will get their certicifation of participate directly to their respective colleges.

At last the students of mca are step forward to show their gratitude on stage and bringing the end of samiksha with a memorable day of each student.


  • Rev.Fr.P.Balashowry, SJ (Rector) 
  • Rev.Fr.Dr.M.Sagayaraj,SJ(Correspondent) 
  • Rev.Fr.Dr.G.A.P.Kishore,SJ (Principal) 
  • Rev.Fr.I.Lourduraj, SJ(Vice Principal)

Event was a success. It was attended by many students and the feedback was very positive.

The event went very well.

FLASHMOB (2021-2022)

An Energtic Preformance held by Department of MCA pre-activity event of SAMIKSHA@2k22.

Whole college was gatherd in a centre of college and then girls starts performing various dance moves for about 15 Minutes and students from various departments are astonishing watching the flashmob.

And on other hand students cheering and noise levels are just gone up to the sky.

On the flashmob day whole college students are overwhelmed with joy in other words girls just nailed the performance literally indicates the beginning of  SAMIKSHA event.

Checkout the video of Flashmob in 4K60 FPS.

Teacher's Day 2022

               Teacher's Day Celebration 

 Teachers day is a day to celebrate the contributions of teachers the date was chosen to honor the death anniversary of a great Indian scholar and teacher, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

It is a day to honor and appreciate teachers for their hard work and dedication.

Teachers are the backbone of any society. They are the ones who help shape the future of our country by shaping the minds of our children. Teachers deserve all the appreciation and respect they get on this day.


  •             Respected Lecturer's
  •             DR PoonamRamachandra
  •             Manjula Rani
  •             Anand babu    
  •             Keerthi Krishna


Guest lecture on Research Methodology

        Mrs. R. Vijaya Kumari, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, Krishna University, delivered a guest lecture(08-07-2022) on "Research Methodology" in the PG Seminar Hall. 

She  delivered a lecture about the types of Researches and uses of research papers based on the present trends and opportunities. She also presented a sample research paper and explain the procedure of the research paper.