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Devops & Angular Framework

                    On 18/07/2020,3rd webinar was conducted with the topic “Devops & Angular Framework basics and Career Opportunities”. Resource person for the webinar was Mr. G. KRANTHI KIRAN, (Senior Software Engineer, S & P Global, Hyderabad) He mainly discussed about the difference between .Net & Java and presented in a precise way the latest technologies emerging .NET framework. He illustrated the real scenario existing in the industry and the technologies students should acquire to fit into the industry. He clearly demonstrated what the students should learn and be well versed with to grab the Opportunities,67 members attended and it proved to be a very useful webinar.                         

Net Backup Fundamentals

                 Second webinar was conducted on 13/07/2020 with the topic “Veritas NetBackup Administration Fundamentals”. Mr. JOHN WILSON (Authorized Officer, UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland) was the resource person. Students of MCA was the target group 72 members participated in the webinar. He discussed about the backup issues. When and how a backup has to be done, Advantages of having backup in remote areas and he also discussed about security of data, students were impressed by his presentation.

Webinar on Cloud Infrastructure

  Webinar on Oracle Data Base & Cloud Infrastructure A Webinar was conducted by the department of MCA on 10/07/2020 . The webinar was open for everyone but the focus group was NMCA and DMCA students resource person for the webinar was Mr. P. PRAVEEN KUMAR ( Senior Consultant of ORACLE ), The topic for the webinar was “ ORACLE DATABASE & CLOUD INFRASTRUCTURE ”. Mr. Praveen Kumar discussed about various databases present in the market, Usages of databases, Job’s available with databases and majorly the emphasis was on the variations between Oracle and other databases. He clearly explained the opportunities and advantages available with Oracle and also issues selected to security of data using cloud technologies. 58 Members attended the webinar