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SAMIKSHA - 2K18 Report on SAMIKSHA-2K18 Samiksha is an IT fest conducted by Department of MCA, Andhra Loyola College on 9 th  Nov 2k18.Samiksha aims at providing inherent technical skills. Objectives of this event are innovation, creativity and enthuse & inspire young people about current technology .This helps to bring out the hidden talents of the students. The theme of this event is “Discovering new ideas”, innovation and creativity plays a vital role. By this the college Management hopes to produce Brilliant IT-Expert in future. The activities conducted in this event are: Technical Events ·        Coding and Debugging ·        Quiz ·        Poster Presentation ·        Web Designing ·        Code Hub       Non-Technical Events:- ·        Treasure Hunt ·        Tech Selfie About 150-200 students from various colleges attend this event. Vision of event is “Creating Leaders for Tomorrow”. This is a platform to gain knowledge will