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Guest lecture on Research Perspectives of Computer Science: Approaches & Opportunities

Date:22-12-2023, Vijayawada,AP. In Andhra Loyola college, Vijayawada, the Department of MCA organized a Guest Lecture on Research Perspectives of Computer Science: Approaches & Opportunities on 22,december, 2023.   The guest lecturer for the event was Pagalla Bhavani Shanka, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, University College of Engineering and Technology, Krishna University . During the lecture, Mr. Bhavani Shanka emphasized the growing importance of the researches. He explained seven steps of research process during the session. The speaker highlighted the era of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. He explained research scope in different domains some of them are : ·        Machine Learning ·        Artificial Intelligence ·        Network Security & Privacy ·        Algorithms & Languages ·        Software Engineering, Software Engineering with AI  

Seminar on Career Guidance

Department of MCA, Date : [21/12/2023], Vijayawada,AP. Andhra Loyola college Hosted a seminar on   career guidance was a comprehensive event aimed at providing valuable insights and guidance to individuals seeking clarity and direction in their career paths. The event covered a range of topics, including career exploration, skill development,Time management and networking strategies. Dr.V Srinivas sir gave a presentation on career guidance and shared some insightful knowledge. Overview of the Masterclass : 1.     Personal Excellence is all about how effectively and efficiently able to excel oneself in the fierce competitive world. 2.     Mindset  3.     How to become a winner 4.     Setting Goals 5.     Time Management 6.     How can we change for the better 7.     Formula for getting luck 8.     Apply TADA Formula 9.     GIGO Principle Self-discipline  The seminar featured interactive sessions and workshops designed to empower participants with practical knowledge.

workshop and Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights

Date:19-DEC-2023, Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada.  Successful workshop and Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights Spurs Knowledge and Collaboration Mr. Siva Shankar Kasturi sir(advocate) and Mr. Ramesh sir gave a presentation on Intellectual Property Rights and shared some insightful knowledge with us. In a bid to foster a culture of innovation and protect the fruits of creative endeavors , a dynamic seminar on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) was unfolded in our college. Attended by department of MCA students , the event proved to be a significant milestone in enhancing awareness and understanding of IPR. Keynote Speakers Enlighten Participants: Distinguished speakers and experts in the field of intellectual property graced the seminar, delivering enlightening talks on various facets of IPR. They discussed the importance of safeguarding intellectual creations, the evolving landscape of intellectual property laws, and the role of innovation in economic growth. Interactive Session

Awareness Programme on HIV/AIDS

 Date:01-DEC-2023, Andhra Loyola College,Vijayawada. Awareness Programme on Prevention of HIV/AIDS was organized by Department of MCA held on 1st December, 2023 at the College PG library Hall. The welcome speech was given by Dr.Poonam, HOD MCA. Students of PB SIDHARADHA COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCE are delivered a lecture among  the students and made them aware on HIV/AIDS issues and also shared the concept of RRC, its objectives and strengthening of RRC unit through a power-point presentation & Life Skill promotion and also has shown some jingles and photographs. After the lecture of AD (YA), TSACS, students took part in an interaction & cleared their misconception eg : ‘mosquito bite cannot spread HIV’, ‘close kiss cannot spread HIV’, ‘sharing cloths cannot spread HIV’ etc. The queries were answered by the speakers.  The concluding speech was given by Manjula madam, senior faculty  MCA.