Seminar on Career Guidance

Department of MCA,

Date: [21/12/2023],


Andhra Loyola college Hosted a seminar on  career guidance was a comprehensive event aimed at providing valuable insights and guidance to individuals seeking clarity and direction in their career paths. The event covered a range of topics, including career exploration, skill development,Time management and networking strategies.

Dr.V Srinivas sir gave a presentation on career guidance and shared some insightful knowledge.

Overview of the Masterclass:

1.    Personal Excellence is all about how effectively and efficiently able to excel oneself in the fierce competitive world.

2.    Mindset 

3.    How to become a winner

4.    Setting Goals

5.    Time Management

6.    How can we change for the better

7.    Formula for getting luck

8.    Apply TADA Formula

9.    GIGO Principle


The seminar featured interactive sessions and workshops designed to empower participants with practical knowledge.


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