On the eve of International day of elimination of violence against women on November 25th,2021 various competitions were conducted for UG and PG students by women’s cell.

              Essay writing Competition was held in the UG seminar hall on 25th November at 10:00 to 10:30 AM with the topic violence against women. So students participated in the competition. Harika won the 1st prize and serena won 2nd prize.

              Elocution Competition was conducted in the UG seminar hall on 25th november 2021 at 11:00 with the topic “Causes and consequences of discrimination against women” by women’s cell UG and PG students took part in the competition. Nearly 40 students came up with new ideologies about the topic and Meghana of Final Year VISCOM won the 1st prize and Vinay of 2nd year won the second prize. Members of women’s cell acted as judges for the event.

On November 25th 2021 a Quiz Competition was conducted by women’s cell for UG and PG students in the UG seminar hall on the eve of “International day of elimination of violence against women” at 1:00 o’clock. It consisted of a written test and 3 rounds 68 teams, each team comprising of 3 members participated in the quiz which is completely based on women related issues. Chandrasekhar, Harsha, and Samadanam of AMCA won the 1st prize and VSD team of degree won the 2nd prize.

On November 26th,2021 a guest lecture was conducted by women’s cell in the PG seminar hall of Andhra Loyola College at 2:00 pm. B. Vidya Sravanthi, Working as centre administrator at Disha one stop centre, Krishna district was the chief guest. She gave very useful information for all the girl students about the different app’s helplines and acts which are mainly designed for protecting and giving security for women. She vividly explained about the importance of DISHA app. It was indeed a very useful session and this created a lot of awareness about the existing rescuing security apps.

                      P. Soujanya Para-legal advocate of DISHA one-stop centre was the 2nd guest. She gave information about different case studies, the way to deal with different people, how to counsel girls coming with problems and finally how to provide solutions for women related problems. The session was really intresting gave a lot of information about the problems faced by girls.

                    The two guests were falicitated by Rev.Fr.Raju, vice-principal, Dr. Poonam, Co-vice-principal, Mrs. Manjula, women’s cell Co-ordinator, Mahila police, The total program was supervised by Mrs.Manjula, The women’s cell Co-ordinator.

On November 26th, a Poster Presentation Competition was conducted for UG and PG students in the PG seminar hall at 1:00 pm with the topic “Violence against women “. Nearly 15 students participated in the competition and Vijayalakshmi of MBA got the 1st prize and Rajini of AEH got the 2nd prize. Mrs. Manjula the women’s cell Co-ordinator acted as judge for the competition.





                                          Department of M.C.A conducted various academic activities like essay writing and quiz. 35 students from all the departments of PG participated in the essay writing competition. Which was conducted in the PG seminar hall on 19/11/2021. Francis of MBA department won the 1st prize and Zabeena of AMMA won the 2nd prize. Topic for essay writing was “ role of Computer in day to day life”.

                     On 19/11/2021 Quiz competition was conducted for inter, degree, and PG students, in the seminar hall of Andhra Loyola College. 48 groups, each group consisting of 3 members participants in the event. Kasi team of MBA stood first, Elon musk of MBA stood second and third prize was won by Fighters team of Intermediate group.

                      On 20/11/2021 a guest lecture was conducted for M.C.A students in the MCA lab at 10’o clock

                            Sai Satish, CEO of Indian Servers. He delivered implementation. 12 students of P.B Siddhartha college also participated in the lecture. The session was over by afternoon and undoubtedly it was a very useful session. 

               On 20/11/2021 a guest lecture was conducted for all MCA students and P.B.siddhartha students in MCA lab with the topic “cloud computing and architecture of AWS”. He gave new insights and has thrown light on the importance of the technology in the growing world.      

SAMIKSHA _2K21(Explore Your Knowledge)


                                               An IT event "SAMIKSHA-2K21" -Explore Your Knowledge was Conducted by the Department of MCA on 10th November In UG Seminor of Andhra Loyola college,Vijayawada.   

                      "Shri B.Ananth Raj",IT Director of LINESHA and THEVAN Pvt.Ltd.,Hyderabad was the Chief guest for Inaugural session. For the valedictory session “Shri Venkat S.  Medapati garu ” Advisor to Govt of AP, NRT affairs, Services and investments, President APNRT society was the Chief Guest. Both the guests Created awareness about the arenas into which It is creeping into and also the emergence of latest technologies which are specially designed for creating job opportunities for the upcoming generation.

              The event ws mainly conducted to bridge the gap between the industry and acadamecia.

Nearly 20 colleges in and around Vijayawada participated in the events like quiz, debugging, code tech, jam, blind tech, Treasure hunt, dance. Totally 400 students took part in different events. The program was conducted under the supervision of Rev.Fr.S.Raju, vice principal of PG, Dr.R.Poonam H.O.D of M.C.A, faculty members and the students of M.C.A department.