Fit India

Physical fitness always helps for mental fitness and overall development of a person. As a part of FIT INDIA yoga classes were conducted for NMCA  students on 19-12-2019 by Ms. Leela, a certified yoga teacher.

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  1. The post offers a brief overview of the initiative and highlights its importance in promoting health and fitness among people of all ages.

    I appreciated the author's emphasis on the need for regular physical activity for maintaining good health and the role of the Fit India initiative in creating awareness about the benefits of fitness and encouraging people to adopt a healthier lifestyle. The inclusion of details about the different programs and activities organized under the Fit India initiative, such as fitness assessment camps and sports competitions, was also informative.

    Overall, I think this post provides a valuable introduction to the Fit India initiative and its goals, as well as the importance of physical activity for maintaining good health. It's great to see resources and information being shared to encourage people to adopt healthy habits and promote overall well-being.
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