Guest lecture on prompt engineering


Andhra Loyola College,Vijayawada.

Mr. Samrat Krishna Gaddam gave a presentation on prompt engineering and shared some insightful knowledge with us.

 He serves as an assistant professor at P.B. Siddhartha College of Arts and Sciences.

some key points are:

Prompt engineering is a critical concept in the realm of natural language processing and artificial intelligence.

·       It involves the art of crafting precise and effective queries or instructions to elicit desired responses from language models like GPT-3.

·       The importance of rapid engineering resides in its capacity to mold these models' behavior and output, empowering them to deliver precise and contextually appropriate information.

·       Applications like chatbots, virtual assistants, content creation, and data retrieval all heavily rely on this mechanism.

·       Prompt engineering does provide certain difficulties, though. The subtleties of language, potential prejudices, and ethical ramifications must all be carefully taken into account.

·        To fully utilize AI-powered language models and ensure ethical use as the area continues to develop, mastering prompt engineering is still crucial.

He additionally discussed online certifications which can be claimed from sources like edx,coursera,AICTE,Dev gym and Cisco.

Later he discussed some AI tools like 'hugging face modules' and 'Flowgpt'.


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