MCA Department Academic Year (2014-2015) Report

Academic Awards

·         MCA students participated and won awards in extracurricular activities like sports and Bhavana.
·         N. keerthana(NMCA19)  T. Tirupathi R ao(NMCA-28) and participated in workshop on HTML 5 conducted by P.B.Siddhartha College during Aug 8th 2014 – Aug 10th 2014 and won merit certificates

Highlights of MCA

Five MOU’s from the following IT Companies

  •   Galla IT Software Solutions  :  9/9/2014
  •     Krishna IT Solutions : 8/9/2014
  •      Dr Computer in IT & Ecom Services : 3/9/2014
  •      S.S. Enterprise Solution provider : 3/9/2014
  •      Moztech   : 24/9/2014

Have been signed and they have promised to give internships for students which will enable them to do the practical work and get 100% job security.
·         MCA department conducted a national level IT event called Samiksha on Dec 1st and 2nd 2014 and invited around six nearby  states like Telangana, Orissa, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Kerala and all districts of Andhra Pradesh. Our department conducted total 11 events and there was huge response among all participants.

·         Facutly of  MCA Mrs A. Manjula Rani and Mrs. R.P.L.D. Poonam attended workshop on HTML5 at P.B. Siddhartha college on Aug 9th ,10th 11th  in the year 2014.
o   Participated in UGC Sponsored Mathematics and computer science seminar.
o   Participated in two days WIKIPEDIA workshop on Aug 12th 13th  in the year 2014
·         Mrs. Poonam published  papers in various journals and are as follows
o   Published  paper on “M-Commerce” in International Journal IJDCST
o   Published  paper on “ An Innovative Method For Content Based Image Retrieval Using Hmm Based Intermediate Matching Kernel ”in International journal IJARCST
o   Published paper  on “ Discriminative Feature Selection by NonParametric Bayes Error Minimization ” in international journal IJARCCE
o   Published paper and Participated in UGC sponsored ICT Seminar in Aug 12th  and given PPT presentation in M-Commerence.

·         Mrs. Manjula published  papers on “Open Courseware Training” in International Journal.
·         Participated in UGC sponsored I.T Seminar in Aug 12th and given PPT presentation in OCWT.

Innovative Programmes

·         MCA department along with staff and students participated in Sramadanam on 30/09/2014 and visited to donate fruits and blankets to old age homes and orphanage and lab to land program to share the knowledge and encourage the poor students

Prize Winners

·         2014 Passed out
1.      T.Malleswara Rao (dmca-34)
2.      J.Manohar   (dmca-32)
·         2013-2014 Batch(Present Final Years)
1.      R.Mohini Nagma (dmca-41)
2.      A. Tanjua (dmca-55)


·                      Mrs A.Mary Manjula Rani, Department of MCA and co-vice principal-PG, has put in 100% attendance during the  academic year 2014-2015.

Guest Lecutrers And Seminars

  •     Current Technologies (HTML 5) used in IT Industry by K. Raju Working as a Software Engineer in “ Neptunium   Technologies ” Bangalore on 22nd JULY 2014.
  •      Importance of Oracle and “Opportunities abroad for IT Students” delivered by V. Jayapaul Reddy working as a Database Administrator and as a faculty member in “Washington University” in USA. On 26th JULY 2014.
  •     Soft Skills Training was conducted by Ms. Mary Matt   Oakland   and ‘C’ Programming by Jesse Harder from Santa Clara University, USA on 2nd August 2014
  •      Career guidance seminar is given by D. Praveen Kumar, Software Engineer working in Oracle    Corporation in Hitech city, Hyderabad on 13th December, 2014 for final year students.
  •     Guest Lecture delivered by Mr Rosi Reddy (Senior Software Engineer, Sapient Technologies Bangalore) on career guidance for first year students.


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