World Entrepreneurship Day

 Date: 21-August-2023 

Location: Department of MCA, Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada


On the occasion of Udyamita Diwas, World Entrepreneurship Day,  a highly informative and motivational seminar was conducted at the Department of Master of Computer Applications (MCA) at Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada. The guest speaker, Mr. Manjunadh, delivered a thought-provoking session to inspire and guide students toward successful planning and execution of their future endeavors. Mr. Manjunadh emphasized the importance of strategic planning, responsibility, energy, preparedness, proactivity, respect, and education through the acronym "PREPARE."

Seminar Highlights:

P: Planning for the future by choosing domains in technology and business.

R: Responsibility for actions, fostering personal accountability.

E: Energy as a driving force for effective performance.

P: Preparedness through continuous learning and skill acquisition.

A: Active participation, aggressive approach, and adaptability.

R: Respect for chosen fields, mentors, peers, and community.

E: Emphasis on lifelong Education and curiosity-driven learning


The seminar provided students with valuable insights into the art of preparation and personal growth. Through the PREPARE framework, students were motivated to plan strategically, take responsibility for their actions, harness their energy, maintain preparedness, be active and adaptable, show respect, and prioritize education. This session left an indelible impact on the attendees, equipping them with a holistic approach to shaping their academic and professional journeys.


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