Rubicon 3_Day Placement Training Program

  Enhancing Your Career Prospects: Recap of the Placement Training Event

Date: 17 to 19 August 2023

Location: Department of MCA, Andhra Loyola College Vijayawada


- Rubicon an NGO conducted a three-day workshop regarding the placement cell training 

The Speakers Mrs. Manjusha and Mr. Pavan conducted a workshop session on Various Topics Such as

Communication Skills

 │ Presentation Skills

│ Soft Skills

│ Resume Writing

│ Group Discussion Skills

│ Interview Skills

│ Effective Email Writing

 │ Telephone Etiquette

 │ IT Foundational Skills

**Key Highlights from the Event:**

1. **Expert Sessions on Interview Techniques:**

   - Discuss the sessions conducted by industry experts on acing job interviews.

   - Highlight key tips shared, such as body language, answering common interview questions, and handling stress.

 we have attended an industrial tour at Vincity in Vijayawada


2. **Resume Building Workshop:**

   - The event included hands-on workshops for crafting effective resumes.

   -A well-crafted resume is your passport to career opportunities. It's the first impression you make on potential employers, and it can significantly impact your job search success. An effective resume should be concise, highlighting your key skills, experiences, and achievements. In today's competitive job market, investing time and effort into resume writing is an invaluable step towards landing your dream job.

3. **Communication Skills Enhancement:**

   - Effective communication skills are the cornerstone of success in both personal and professional life. They encompass not only the words we speak but also our ability to listen actively and understand others. Clear and concise communication is essential for building strong relationships, whether in the workplace or in our personal interactions

- Effective communication not only resolves conflicts and fosters collaboration but also opens doors to opportunities, making it a critical skill for anyone aiming to thrive in today's interconnected world

4. **Interactive Mock Interviews:**

   - Mock interviews are a pivotal tool in the journey toward career success. These simulated interview experiences offer candidates a chance to practice and refine their interviewing skills in a low-stakes environment.

- Mock interviews reduce anxiety and boost confidence, ensuring candidates are better prepared to tackle the real thing. In essence, these rehearsals bridge the gap between theory and practical application, equipping individuals with the skills and confidence needed to impress potential employers

5. **Group Discussions:**

   - Group Discussions (GD) are a common selection process used by organizations and academic institutions to assess the communication, leadership, and problem-solving abilities of candidates. GDs provide a platform for multiple individuals to discuss a topic, often within a limited time frame. -- Success in a GD requires not only expressing your ideas clearly but also actively listening to others, respecting diverse opinions, and steering the conversation constructively.

 6.**Presentation Skills:**

- Presentation skills are a vital competency in today's professional world. Whether you're pitching a new idea, delivering a sales pitch, or leading a team meeting, the ability to present information in a clear, engaging, and persuasive manner is paramount.

- Effective presentation skills encompass various elements, including structuring your content logically, using visuals effectively, and delivering your message with confidence and enthusiasm. These skills not only capture your audience's attention but also leave a lasting impression. 


We have learned many of the Corporate ways of life understanding telephone manners, email etiquette, and many more .Thanks Again Rubicon and Our Management for Providing us this event


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